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 Planning is the Key

In the United States, this year alone, homeowners will spend millions of dollars on upgrades, repairs, and brand new remodeling projects. And with good reason: the return on investment, in terms of value comfort, space and home value can be amazing.

The path to kitchen remodeling can be anything but simple. There are a number of obstacles you will have to overcome to get from here to there. If you are willing to plan well, those pitfalls can be minimized.

Planning and knowing what you want, can ensure your project is completed on time and under budget. Another idea you need to embrace is to be patient. Remember Murphy’s Law: whatever can go wrong will. This may be especially true of kitchen remodeling projects. Patience will serve you well, as you go through the entire project.

Allow yourself to be creative. Dream a little. Start with a blank slate and do not be held back. Then plan step by step what you will need to do, to finish your project. This is the first step of any creative process, brainstorming. Allow your ideas to flow.

As your ideas jell, you may have to eliminate some of them due to budget restrictions or common sense ideas. Narrow your list of ideas to must haves and practical considerations. Above all do not forget to have fun with your planning process.

Plot your course by starting to scratch out your ideas on paper. There are a number of computer programs that can also help you with your kitchen remodeling ideas. Get some magazines; go to home shows as well as kitchen design centers. Start to create a list of ideas and appliances you will need.

Talk to the experts. Many design experts are more than willing to share their expertise with you. Ask them for ideas and recommendations.

Then, realistically plan out your remodeling job. Budget all of your materials and appliances. This can be a difficult task but remember to take all of your expenses into consideration. A good rule of thumb is to add 20 to 30% to the bugeted cost of any remodeling project. There will most certainly be changes that occur. Any changes will generally, be more expensive.

Remember, planning is the key to any successful kitchen remodeling project.