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There are many options available to you, when you decide to remodel your kitchen. For most people, cabinets and countertops are primary on their list.While certainly important, adding an island to your kitchen will add many uniquefeatures to your newly remodeled kitchen.

An island in a kitchen can be an oasis to help keep your kitchen organized
and clutter free. Many kitchen remodelers are adding them and are quite
pleased with the result. An island in your kitchen can really be more than just an
organizational tool.

If you are an active cook, an island can also provide much needed counter
space. This can be beneficial to create an additional food preparation area.
Most cooks prefer to have ample counter space and this should be a primary
A kitchen island could be an ideal area for a butcher block
as well as a breadboard. You can also use your kitchen island to store knives,
and other kitchen utensils. An island may be the ideal location for a food processor,
bread maker or beverage station. Other cooks may prefer to use their island
 for an additional sink.
You are not limited in how you will use this space. Get creative. Imagine all of the different
ways your family could possibly take advantage of  this newly created area.

Kitchen islands can be fashioned in a number of ways. The shape and
positioning of the island will depend on the amount of space you have to
work with. They come in a variety of styles and can be purchased pre-made
or a custom kitchen island can be created on-site.

Another consideration should be the type of top used. The same type of
material as the other counter tops in the kitchen be should always be
your primary consideration. You can also use different materials, as long as the
top fits in with your overall design. Granite or other material can be used as well.

An added feature of a kitchen island can be the amount of storage
available under the counter. You may want to create finished cabinets
underneath or other types of storage options.

The most important consideration for your kitchen island is that it fit in
with the basic design and usability of your kitchen.

The key is: usability. To often islands are added because they look good.
Remember in designing your own kitchen, there will be real people who will
be using it daily. Design your kitchen island with the end user in
mind and you cannot go wrong.

Submitted by Albert Grande

Copyright Grande Publishing 2008