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One of the most underutilized spaces in any kitchen is the area between the ceiling and the tops of your kitchen cabinets. This space can be an ideal area for storing pots, pans and large serving dishes.

You can also use this space for collectables, display baskets or houseplants.
Many kitchen remodel designs do not use this valuable storage space. You can easily add storage boxes that fit in with the design of your kitchen.

Make as many boxes as needed out of ¾ veneer plywood. You can also stain or finish the boxes so they will match the rest of your kitchen décor. Build the boxes so they butt up against each other. Cover any exposed plywood sections with accented molding. The edges of the plywood can be covered with simple veneer tape which can be purchased ant any home supply center. The tape can be ironed on for a simple installation.

Another remodeling idea is to create a shallow pantry storage area between the wall studs. Any working kitchen can always use extra storage for items such as spices, or other small appliances.

Create this pantry in an area between two wall studs. Make sure this space is free from pipes, electrical switches, or wall outlets. You may want to line the back of this pantry area with sheet rock or plywood. Decide which will work best for your kitchen.

To finish your pantry you may want to frame it flush with the wall. You can also extend the shelves several inches if you wish. For a finishing touch, add doors to this area.

Consider adding a recycling center in some part of your kitchen. You can create bins which will tilt out in order to sort your recyclables. You can also create a bench with a hinged top. The bench could have dividers for different types of material. You can install the bench near the back door or anywhere else you need seating in your kitchen.

Remember to plan these ideas in advance, before you begin your kitchen remodeling job. Planning ahead, is the key to user satisfaction.