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Living With a Stressful Kitchen Remodel


When you are remodeling your kitchen, you are facing a potential nightmare in the process. While you know that you will love the end result of this huge project, living with the disarray and mess can be a hassle. A kitchen is often the center of activity in the home and when you can't use it, you are left wondering how you will ever live through the remodel. Here are some ideas to help you live through the mess and see your remodel to the end.

Planning Ahead for Kitchen Remodel:

When you plan your kitchen remodel, you will have to make many decisions. What kind of tile will you use? You must pick out appliances and fixtures and you have to hire a contractor. The other very important thing you will plan ahead for is what you will do without a kitchen during the process. Most savvy homeowners going through the remodel process of a kitchen will tell you the best thing you can do is to set up a makeshift kitchen in another part of your house. Think about what you do in your kitchen and then think about where else these activities can take place. For example, can you place your refrigerator in your garage? This is often a good solution for many. If not, you might want to consider buying a small dorm-sized refrigerator and put in a bedroom or another room. Some homeowners will cook several meals they can place in a freezer and pop into the microwave to cut down on eating out. Can you place a microwave in an unused corner of your den? These are all considerations you will need to make during a kitchen remodel.

Trust your Contractor:

The next essential when it comes to remodeling your kitchen is to make sure you hire a contractor that is professional and one that you can work well with. It is important to remember that this person and his crew will be working inside your home for several weeks. You need to make sure that your family's safety and security are not at risk. Interview several contractors and once you hire one, set ground rules for what is and is not acceptable inside your home (such as no smoking). This will help make your life easier during a remodel.

A kitchen remodel may not be the easiest thing you can do in your home, but with adequate planning, you can soon have the kitchen of your dreams.


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